Making an Offer

Making an offer is simple. Please select the item you wish to make an offer on in our marketplace, click "Make an Offer"

Change toshipped

A box will then pop up with a field to enter the amount you wish to bid.

Change toshipped

Once entered, the site will take you through the checkout process. Unlike a regular purchase, your funds will be on hold. If the seller decides to accept your offer, the funds are used for the purchase. Otherwise, the funds are released if the seller declines or if 24hrs pass without a seller response. (Note: we use both Paypal and Stripe for payment processing. When funds are released, it typically takes 72hrs for card holds to clear. however, Your card issuer sets the card-hold duration)

Once this process is complete, the seller receives an email with the bid amount and then has the option to accept or deny the offer. 

All bids are treated separately from your shopping cart. Once a bid transaction is complete, you can still retrieve any previous items in your cart and continue shopping.